Our accreditations

Dukes Education's member organisations work closely with regulatory authorities and inspection bodies to deliver the highest quality education for students.

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Dukes Schools

Dukes Education’s schools are chosen for their consistent excellence in the provision of learning and development for young people. Each has a unique and precious character. Dukes preserves this by ensuring Principals and Heads lead on all decisions regarding their schools and colleges. We add to this the power of the collective: bringing together best practice, training, and opportunities to invest in our schools through the security of a group.

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A Message from our Founder

"We are in a privileged position: we have a unique opportunity to create dreams and inspire excellence in our students. Only time will tell what lies ahead but we will continue to evolve and have fun while we create and inspire! Welcome to Dukes Education."

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About Dukes Education

Dukes formally launched in 2015. Since then, we have built up a small family of diverse schools and complementary educational services. Each member of the group is unique. However, we joined together because we found cultures in these organisations that shared characteristics – optimism, ambition, and a deep personal commitment to outstanding teaching and learning. 

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