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Kew Montessori Nursery School

– A message from the Head

“Welcome to Kew Montessori Nursery School. We believe in encouraging the development of the whole child by providing a comprehensive Montessori education. This nurtures independent thinking, provides early years foundation skills as well as awareness of their environment, empathy for others, social ability and confidence.

As a school we strive to instill within the child the intellectual, emotional, and physical skills needed to become a self-motivated learner, flexible thinker, creative problem solver, and to support their natural and ever-increasing curiosity about the world in which they live…”

“We provide love and support to both the parents and the children. With your help, we enjoy getting to know your child and watching them thrive in our carefully prepared and warm loving environment. We enjoy seeing the children grow to be successful citizens of the world.

Please feel free to contact me with your questions or better still, organise a visit to our wonderful school (Kew’s original Montessori). I look forward to meeting you and your child.”

Aimee Kimbell, Headteacher
Aimee Kimbell, Headteacher
Aimee Kimbell, Headteacher

Kew Montessori Nursery School

Kew Montessori has been serving the families of Kew for over 35 years. The school offers the best quality Montessori nursery education for children from the age of 2 years until they start school.


The Montessori school focuses on giving children the opportunity to be independent and confident and show this through their enhanced social skills and their care and respect of themselves, their friends and teachers, parents and their school.


The teachers are passionate about Montessori education and provide an environment in which children develop on an individual basis guided from within by their natural curiosity and by the careful guidance of experienced Montessori teachers. This nurturing environment fosters self-discipline, self-confidence and an ability to concentrate. Above all, this type of education provides children with a true joy in learning. Viewing the early years as a foundation on which everything that follows is built, Kew Montessori considers ‘who’ a child is more important than ‘what’ a child achieves in the form of goals during this time.

2 - 5
St Luke's House, 270 Sandycombe Road, Kew, Surrey TW9 3NP

Kew Montessori Nursery School

270 Sandycombe Road, Richmond TW9 3NP, UK

“We just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you. [Our son] has had the most wonderful year and as parents it has been a joy to see him so happy and engaged. We are very sad to be leaving and wish you all the best.”

Kew Montessori School parent
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Kew Montessori works in partnership with Kew’s oldest independent school, Broomfield House School.