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Clive Smith-Langridge, Head, Northcote Lodge
Clive Smith-Langridge, Head, Northcote Lodge

Clive Smith-Langridge, Head, Northcote Lodge

Clive joined Northcote Lodge in January 2019 as its fifth Headmaster.  His considerable experience within the Prep school world includes single-sex, co-ed, day and boarding schools across the country including Cumnor House, Walhampton and Packwood Haugh – the latter as Head. During his six years at Packwood Haugh, he made a series of transformational changes and left the school in robust health.

After graduating from Nottingham with a degree in Industrial Economics, Clive went to work for Nielsen Market Research.  He then moved into the world of marketing, working for Gillette and BAT Industries across a number of countries including Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Trinidad and Chile. On returning to the UK, Clive was appointed as the Head of Marketing for Penhaligon’s.

Despite enjoying his time in industry, Clive had always been interested in the transformative power of education and on his return to the UK, decided to make a career change. His philosophy of education is that ‘the whole child is the whole point’ and he puts great store by ensuring that the children under his care have a balanced and rounded educational experience.

Clive is a full IAPS member and in September 2021 became Chair of the IAPS Finance Committee.  He speaks regularly at various conferences.  When not at school, Clive can be found practising his French at his home in the Pyrenees or playing cricket; he is probably one of the few Heads who can claim to have captained the Chilean cricket team!

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