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Huw May, Head, Eaton House Belgravia

An experienced Headmaster, Mr May has taken on six headships in total, including Head of Girls at Sydenham High, Head of Roedean Junior School, Head of St Mary’s Hall Junior School and Head of Eaton House The Manor Pre-Prep School.

In 2018, under Mr May’s committed headship, the boys achieved outstanding results, with 40% of 7+ and 8+ entrants achieving offers to Westminster Under or St Paul’s, amongst other fine schools.

We are non-selective at entry, but Mr May has introduced a personalised learning plan to ensure that every boy is stretched and supported as necessary in the run-up to examinations. He feels that every boy has a talent and it is the school’s job to ensure that he feels confident in all areas as he faces the 7+ and 8+ examinations. To that end, learning enrichment is available to those pupils who need it and may even be appropriate for potential scholars in areas of weakness.

A passionate believer in immersive learning and fluid rather than crystalline intelligence, Mr May wants the boys to achieve a higher state of learning through agile thought and advanced problem solving. This, he believes, is the key to the leadership of the future.

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