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John Wilson

John Wilson, Head, Eaton Square Mayfair

John joined Eaton Square Mayfair in November 2017 and acts as Head of the Upper School.

He looks back on a number of leadership positions at schools, having joined Ashbourne Independent Sixth Form in 2000 as a Biology and Science teacher and becoming Director of Studies in 2005. From  2014 to 2017 John was Principal of Acorn House College, an independent Sixth Form College in West London, specialising in preparing students for university degrees in Medicine and the Sciences.

John was educated at The Queen’s College, Oxford, and studied for his teaching qualification at Homerton College, Cambridge. He brings his expertise in the biological and medical Sciences to Dukes, along with his extensive knowledge of medical school admissions. John is a lay member of the university admissions panel for medical school undergraduate entry at UCL (University College London) and has also performed this role at Imperial College and Queen Mary University in London.


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