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11-16 YEARS

Northwood Senior

“Welcome To Northwood Senior – An Independent Co-Educational Secondary School For Ages 11 – 16 In South West London Offering A Transformational Education

I am delighted to be the first Head of Northwood Senior, Northwood Schools’ new co-educational secondary school for pupils aged 11- 16 which opened its doors in September 2020.

Education should be relevant, challenging, inclusive and above all stimulating – and at Northwood Senior, it is.  However, this is not at the expense of a child’s enjoyment of learning, nor does it involve anxiety or putting children under unrealistic pressure.

At Northwood Senior we focus on developing a life-long love of learning and self-growth. As a smaller school we can get to know every pupil really well so that we can nurture their strengths and equip them with the necessary skillset to tackle the future with confidence. Through a rigorous curriculum designed for the modern world, we can help pupils develop the higher order learning skills that will stand them in good stead for the future.  As a community with a culture of support, we provide not only excellent academics but a fully rounded learning experience in a smaller, more bespoke setting.”

“I am excited to be able to offer something truly different from the pressure-cooker environment that seems to be true of too many schools – particularly in London.

We have a beautiful building with easy transport links and a warm and welcoming community so if you are looking for a smaller, more inclusive school that can transform your child’s educational experience, please come and find out more about our approach to modern secondary education.

I look forward to meeting you.”

Northwood Senior

Northwood Senior is a new, dynamic, co-educational secondary school in South West London, offering a transformational education for pupils aged 11-16.

We are academically ambitious: Our pupils enjoy an education that is rounded, stimulating and healthy – both physically and mentally; an education where good grades and GCSE success is still important – along with healthy competition in sport, drama, music and the arts, but where the focus is on developing the self; building reflective, community-minded young adults who have a passion for learning and the skill set and confidence to tackle the exciting futures that await them.  Our modern and stimulating curriculum includes thematic studies, maths mastery, hands-on science, and cross-curricular learning, alongside well-being, community work and life-skills – plus plenty of Sport, Drama, Art, and DT. Our innovative approach creates more active engagement in lessons, the development of higher order thinking skills, strong teamwork, and motivated pupils who are better able to develop the real-world analytical and problem-solving skills that pays dividends in examinations and the workplaces of the future.

We are pastorally kind: As a smaller school, what matters to us most is building a community in which children can thrive.  We have a strong and supportive tutorial and house system to ensure that every pupil is well known by every member of staff.

Entry is via Head’s interview, digital data, and references from current school. We offer regular taster sessions and All-Rounder Scholarships for both Year 7 and Year 9 entry.

Exit is to the next step that’s right for each pupil – whether that’s college or school to do A Levels, B-tec or something else.

If you are looking for a smaller school that offers outstanding teaching, where every pupil is known well by every member of staff and which can help them develop the confidence and skills required for the challenges of modern life, please come and see us.  We look forward to meeting you.

Northwood Senior is an independent co-educational secondary school for ages 11 - 16 in South West London
11 - 16
11 - 16
Northwood Senior School
3 Garrad's Rd, London SW16 1JZ

Northwood Senior

3 Garrad's Rd, London SW16 1JZ