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Beyond the classroom
Dukes Plus Dukes Plus is a provider of university application support, life-changing career and university experiences, day camps, tuition, and summer schools.
University Applications Our curated collection of consultancies represent the best of Oxbridge, US, and Medicine application support.
Experiences Dukes is home to the UK's leading careers experiences, summer school and activity day camp providers.

A message from our Founder

In 2015, I founded Dukes Education. The beginning of the Dukes story is simple. I wanted to do something I love, and I love developing young people.

I’ve been inspired by many individuals throughout my involvement in finance, the military, and sport. Growing up with dyslexia meant I had to find my own way to succeed – but the encouragement and support of my family and school was crucial. I wanted to give others the chance to be successful against the odds and in the face of obstacles.

On every publication, email, or letter from Dukes Education, you will see a small crown next to our name. When Dukes began, we decided to use a sign that expressed everything we wanted the company to be. The Dukes crown symbolises our ambition to be at the absolute top of the education sector – a mark of recognised quality. It also symbolises the ambition of our students and parents. They come to us for schooling, guidance, and expertise because, in their own way, they want to build a ‘crown’ of achievement themselves. Our mission is to be the best at helping them to do this. Everything we do at Dukes is driven by a strong desire to nurture young people so they can achieve their true potential.

I am so excited for our future. We are in a privileged position: we have a unique opportunity to create dreams and inspire excellence in our students. Only time will tell what lies ahead but we will continue to evolve and have fun while we create and inspire!

Welcome to Dukes Education.

Each of our schools and organisations is different and brilliant in its own way. We love this about them and encourage this independence. But we're also a team. We come together to learn from each other and get better at what we do.
Aatif Hassan, Founder, Dukes Education