Beyond the Classroom
Beyond the classroom
Experiences Dukes is home to the UK's leading summer school and activity day camp providers.
Publications Essential reading for students applying to Oxford, Cambridge, or medical school.
University Applications Our curated collection of consultancies represent the best of Oxbridge, US, and Medicine application support.
The Dukes Essay Prize Our essay competition, based on the famous past All Souls, Oxford entrance exam, tests students' ingenuity and originality.
Poetry Together A nationwide scheme that brings young people and old people together to share in the joy of learning poetry by heart.

University Applications

The Dukes family includes a collection of specialised consultancy services, supporting students to secure competitive university places as they continue their education journey. This not only ensures the highest standards of university preparation for our own students, but for students throughout the UK and the wider world.

Student joins us for our Oxbridge Preparation Weekend
Student joins us for our Oxbridge Preparation Weekend

Oxbridge Applications

Oxbridge Applications joined the Dukes family in 2013. Established in 1999, it was the first Oxbridge consultancy of its kind, and continues to be the global leader in Oxbridge admissions support. Over the last 20 years, we’ve supported more than 70,000 students with their applications, and we pride ourselves on providing a personalised service for each and every one of them. Our students benefit from specialised guidance, and one-to-one mentorship.

  • 20 years’+ proven track record
  • Provide extra Oxbridge support for 100s of top UK schools
  • Largest worldwide network of Oxbridge-graduate tutors: 2,400+
  • Publish annual research into the Oxbridge admissions process
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US University Applications

A-List Education has teamed up with Dr Jon Tabbert to form the leading US admissions consultancy in the UK. A-List is the global leader in supporting students through the SATs and ACTs and the application process to competitive US universities. Our excellent tutors and advisors work with applicants to demystify the entire application process.

  • Expert US university advisors who are all graduates of top US universities
  • On average, students improve their SAT scores by 166 points and ACT scores by 5 points
  • Data-driven approach
  • Customised plans for every student
  • Annual success at the top 50 US universities
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One-to-one US application consultation with Dr Jon Tabbert
One-to-one US application consultation with Dr Jon Tabbert
Our immersive event, the Young Person's Medical Conference
Our immersive event, the Young Person's Medical Conference

Dukes Medical Applications

Dukes Medical Applications is a specialised branch of Dukes Education’s consultancy service, providing expert advice and practical support to students applying to read Medicine, or a similar medical Science such as Pharmacy, or Dentistry.

  • Support from admissions specialists and qualified doctors
  • Advisory board of doctors & former medical school Admissions Tutors
  • Annual research into admissions process
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