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Bambíno is an international nursery and kindergarten welcoming children ages 6 weeks to 6 years. It’s a place where young minds can flourish within our unique educational programme: “Big Things for Little People“. A system that teaches all the necessary practical skills a growing child will need throughout their life. The main goal is to create an environment where the children can better explore opportunities on their own. By experiencing lessons with all their senses, they gain understanding and know-how, and can then apply this to their education as they mature.

Specially designed spaces at both school branches are located on the premises of a grand villa with a garden. Here a playground and dedicated zones allow the children to enjoy a wide variety of activities from nurturing plants and animals to cooking in our child-friendly kitchen. Children make ceramics, develop their musical abilities, participate in sports outside and inside the school gym, as well as work with digital educational technologies.

Over the years we have honed our particular teaching programme to find new ways of educating, motivating and inspiring the very youngest to the slightly older students.

We are a kindergarten that cares for the children as if they were our own.

Enjoying their progress with smiles and hugs, we strive to discover each child’s potential and develop towards it. Children enjoy learning together, playing together, and experimenting together. We support and love each other; however we also explain and set boundaries together. All this means when we develop children, we also develop ourselves.

We strive for all children to reach the same level of progress. Fundamentally, our students grow intellectually, as well as emotionally, gaining all the skills they will require as individuals.

We pride ourselves on our international credentials, having created an environment where many cultures, languages and customs meet. Therefore, we prepare our programmes to allow each child to learn about diversity, multiculturalism, mutual respect and to be inspired by their peers. Often inviting outside experts (including parents and relatives) into our school to help with our projects.

I am excited to welcome you to our Bambíno world. We are full of joy, kindness and wonderful people who do what they love the most – caring for our little ones.


Bambíno is a collection of international nurseries and kindergartens located in Prague. It caters to children from 6 weeks old to 6-7 years old, offering instruction in both Czech and English.


Bambíno Nursery and Kindergarten has a long history and an excellent reputation, and about 40% of its teaching is in English. At both the nurseries and kindergartens we encourage hands-on learning in specialised environments, allowing children to explore their surroundings and absorb new information. From diverse fields such as gardening and animal care to cooking, ceramics, and digital exploration, we foster a well-rounded personal and educational development for each child. Emphasising crucial development areas including auditory and visual skills, language mastery, and emotional intelligence, we offer an enriched, balanced education. Located in a global environment that celebrates diversity, children grow and learn together, fostering mutual respect. In the preparation of children for primary school, we emphasise essential competencies, enriched by diverse extracurricular activities and the fostering of teamwork and collaboration. Our campuses in Dejvice and Vinohrady are architectural masterpieces and include spacious gardens for daily adventures. Each facility, whether it‘s our engaging sauna or lively kitchen, is designed to fuel a child‘s curiosity and creativity.

MŠ Bambíno - Dejvice
České družiny 9, Praha 6
MŠ Bambíno - Vinohrady
Šrobárova 14, Praha 10