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Dukes Plus Dukes Plus is a provider of university application support, life-changing career and university experiences, day camps, tuition, and summer schools.
University Applications Our curated collection of consultancies represent the best of Oxbridge, US, and Medicine application support.
Experiences Dukes is home to the UK's leading careers experiences, summer school and activity day camp providers.

What is Dukes?

Dukes Education is a family of nurseries, schools, and colleges in the UK. Surrounding our schools, we also have a collection of complementary education offerings – day camps, summer schools, and university application consultancies. This way, we create a wrap-around experience for every family that joins us, not just in school time, but beyond the classroom as well.

We are highly selective about which schools and organisations join Dukes. Our family is small and close-knit. We carefully curate it to make sure we have harmony among our teams. This is why we place such an emphasis on our values. Being part of the Dukes family means we can all come together to share experience and expertise, supporting each other to achieve the extraordinary. We bring people together who do different things in education, but we want them to learn from each other. So we need to know that they have their hearts and minds in the right place. When we meet educators with this magic combination, we know they’re a good fit for Dukes.

There’s power in the collective. Our results are outstanding, but there’s more to us than that. Our students benefit from the constant sharing of best practice among our schools, and the stringent standards held to by a wide team of senior leaders who, combined, have an exceptional record of experience and expertise in education. Students develop culturally and socially, as well as academically, enjoying a well-rounded education full of fun and laughter. We work hard to help every child find something that fulfills them – to find their extraordinary – the thing only they can contribute to the world.

We rather like the fact that the Dukes schools are not necessarily a logical fit. Different educational DNA, very different personalities, very different feels. We want there to be respect and celebration of the individual parts.
Alistair Brownlow, Principal, Rochester Independent College

Our schools and nurseries

While our schools have different characters, they’re all examples of outstanding quality in their fields. Cardiff Sixth Form College is unmatched in the world for A-level results; Hampstead Fine Arts College is widely considered as London’s leading Art school, and the Value Add in many of our schools is outstanding: for example, Rochester Independent College continues to be ranked in the top percentages in England, while Earlscliffe is one of the leading independent schools in Kent. Looking at GSCEs, Sancton Wood’s GCSE cohort achieved an impressive 100% of 4-9 grades, while 50% of these results were awarded grades 7, 8, and 9 (the equivalent of the old A and above). These are just a few examples of the high calibre of our member schools.

Our schools

Little Dukes is our family of nurseries and nursery schools — based in London, Richmond upon Thames, Hove, Worthing, and Cambridge. They provide exceptional care and education for our youngest learners.

Our nurseries

Dukes Plus

Around our schools, we’ve collected together a small number of organisations that represent true excellence when it comes to learning and development experiences outside of school hours.

Day Camp and Summer School Experiences

Children aged 4-17 can join us for a day or up to six weeks at a number of stunning locations throughout the UK, to develop active learning skills, English language ability, to make new friends, and to experience new adventures.

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University Application Consultancies

Dukes is home to the UK’s leading Oxbridge, Ivy League and US, medical, and law school application consultancies. Not only do our own students benefit from their expertise, but we support hundreds of schools and thousands of hopeful applicants through them every year.

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