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3 - 11 YEARS

Chiswick & Bedford Park Preparatory School

Chiswick & Bedford Park Preparatory School is well known for its creative flair, its friendly, nurturing atmosphere, and outstanding entrance examination results for boys at seven plus and girls at eleven plus.

The school has imaginative Drama, dynamic Art, and vibrant Music departments, with a wide range of sports and extra-curricular activities. Enriching and challenging opportunities encourage independent thinkers.

Enthusiastic and dedicated teachers motivate and inspire pupils, fostering a love of learning. Pupils develop confidence, self-reliance and respect for others, in preparation for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

I hope that you will visit Chiswick & Bedford Park Preparatory School so that you can experience for yourself the spirit and buzz of this exciting school, and discover what makes it so special.

Chiswick & Bedford Park Preparatory School

Chiswick and Bedford Park Prep School is a friendly, nurturing, and creative prep school nestled in the heart of Chiswick, West London. Established in 1915, as the local co-ed independent school in Bedford Park, it is well known for its imaginative flair as well as its outstanding exam results for boys at 7+ and girls at 11+.


The school offers a broad curriculum, rich in creativity.  Children are challenged, encouraged to think independently, and supported to achieve their very best in a happy, positive atmosphere.  Small class sizes and a high staff-to-pupil ratio allows children to receive personal attention and tailored learning.  Sport, Drama, Music, and Art form an integral part of school life, enabling pupils to discover and foster their talents and interests.


CBPPS places great emphasis on pupils’ personal development, helping them to build their self-confidence and resilience. Children learn and practise the important values of responsibility, courtesy, respect for others, and care for the environment. There is a genuine sense of kindness and warmth within the small, close-knit community which enables the school to retain its special ‘village school’ feel.

CBPPS is co-educational from 3-7 years at which time the boys take the 7+, while girls continue the journey in preparation for the 11+.
3 - 11
Chiswck & Bedford Park Preparatory School
Priory House, Priory Avenue, London W4 1TX

Chiswick & Bedford Park Preparatory School

School Priory House, Priory Avenue, London W4 1TX

“CBPPS has a warm, safe, inviting environment – it was a feeling both my husband & I got when first visiting the school. And felt that it stood out from the rest of the other local schools. I also feel that my daughter is being taught to reach her full potential but at a pace that is comfortable for her.”

Current parent