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International Sharing School

At International Sharing School, we believe in Learning Through Sharing to build a better future. We provide the best educational experience for our students, acknowledging that every child is different and unique.

We have blended an innovative learning space with the highest quality of teaching to provide our students the opportunities to explore and have fun with their learning. They develop the confidence in themselves and are given a wide range of opportunities to develop and enhance their skills and understanding of themselves as learners in a modern world. We are deeply committed to building a community in which our students develop an understanding of their place within an internationally connected world. With over 60 nationalities represented at ISS, our students take part in a truly diverse educational environment which allows them to take their place confidently as active participators in a multiculturally diverse world beyond school.
ISS is an IB continuum school in which we embrace our diversity and celebrate our internationalism at every opportunity. Our teachers are internationally diverse in their experience which provides our students with a broad perspective of real-life connections within the IB curriculum. Learning through sharing is our vision and we embed this into our daily learning across all phases of the school. This guarantees our children experience a connected transition from the time they are welcomed into the ISS community through to the time they graduate.

International Sharing School

International Sharing School aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and open-minded lifelong learners who aspire to build a better tomorrow, through a supportive, respectful, and caring environment promoting learning through sharing.

We use the IB Curriculum Framework as we believe the curriculum is more in line with our core values and vision on education. Using a project based approach, we want to create students who understand we are all the same and want to help build a better, more peaceful world.

We work in the dynamic development of a multilingual and multicultural holistic approach, creating an environment which is relaxed but challenging, familiar but disciplined and most of all, we have created a school for the citizens of the future where fun and curiosity may lead to Learning Through Sharing and creativity in problem solving.

0 - 18
0 - 18
Avenida Dr. Mário Soares, 14 2740-119 Porto Salvo, Oeiras

International Sharing School

Avenida Dr. Mário Soares, 14 2740-119 Porto Salvo, Oeiras

“With this innovative learning environment, I recognize that my students are more able to be themselves, relaxed and open-minded learners.”

Sarah B - Sharing School Teacher