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Broomwood Pre-Prep and Little Broomwood

Broomwood Pre-Prep has that incredible mix you find in all great schools: dedicated staff, an inspiring curriculum; beautiful buildings with excellent facilities. Children in our pre-school Little Broomwood benefit from our indoor and outdoor classrooms, before moving seamlessly into the pre-prep.  Our curriculum ensures a proper foundation, inspiring a love of learning and above all, producing happy resilient children equipped to #BeYourBEST.


Added to this we have innovative and specialist teachers, a myriad of opportunities for children to try new things, a real sense of community and outstanding pastoral care.  The Pre-Prep is filled with the constant buzz of laughter and enthusiasm that comes from children who truly enjoy coming to school. In all this, our goal is to equip children with skills for life, not just the next school. We prepare children for the next stage of their education – whether that’s at 7+ to other schools or within Broomwood – either to Broomwood Prep – Girls or Broomwood Prep – Boys.

Broomwood Pre-Prep and Little Broomwood

Broomwood Pre-Prep is a school for girls and boys aged 3-7 and the first stage of a wonderful prep education with Broomwood through to 13. Times change, but our school’s philosophy has never wavered: if a child is happy, they will learn and thrive.


We offer a stimulating, happy and well-rounded education with small class sizes, high teacher/pupil ratios and specialist subject teaching in music and sport.  Our pupils love coming to school.


Thematic learning hooks them in to exciting topics; Maths Mastery ensures that every child has a fundamental grasp of number to give them the problem solving skills that are so critical in life. Our focus on a ‘growth mindset’, ensures that every child knows that learning is a process and it’s OK not to get everything right first time.


In the increasingly automated world that our children will face in the years to come, the human skills and values they learn at Broomwood will matter more than ever. Things like critical thinking, confidence, self-discipline, resilience, organisation, teamwork, creativity, a sense of duty and responsibility; good manners, courtesy and tolerance of others.


Our School Motto exemplifies all that we believe about education:

To do your best to be your best


We are academically ambitious and believe in hard work too, and the satisfaction and sense of achievement that it brings; but never to the exclusion of happiness and of fun, or of a child’s right to be a child.


Independent Schools Inspectorate 2022: Excellent in all areas.

An independent pre-school and pre-preparatory school for girls and boys aged 3-7 in SW London.
3 - 7
3 - 7
Broomwood Pre-Prep
50 Nightingale Lane

Broomwood Pre-Prep and Little Broomwood

50 nightingale lane london sw12 8te