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Reflections Day Nursery & Forest School

– A letter from the Founder

“I’m delighted to have this opportunity to introduce you to Reflections. It’s a school where we do things a little differently.

We draw our inspiration from the pre-schools of Reggio Emilia in northern Italy. These schools are world-famous for providing children with the very best in childcare and education. We also draw much inspiration from the forest nurseries of Denmark, renowned for their wonderful outdoor work with young children. We work too with the Early Years Foundation Stage – the national guidance for working with children from birth to five. So we give children the opportunity to develop across as many areas of learning as possible.

Our unusual and innovative approach has previously won us the accolade of ‘Nursery World UK Nursery of the Year’ in 2009/10 (the only time we’ve entered). So how is Reflections Nursery different? …”

“Well, we make a point of listening to children’s theories and giving them the opportunity to test their hypotheses because we believe that’s the way they learn. (We’re happy to talk about this for hours if you’ll let us).

Our nursery is set in two buildings – a lovely Regency building and a gothic Tudor-style building, both on three floors with loads of space, lots of light and huge gardens. We make the nursery environment inspiring by offering lots of open-ended, natural and reclaimed resources for the children and they add their imaginations and creativity.

We believe all children have the right to be understood as individuals and to be given time and opportunity to develop as creative, competent learners in an inspiring environment, with lots of access to the outdoors.

Our vision is to create a place that values caring, respectful relationships and make heard the voice of the child.

If you haven’t already visited the nursery we’d really recommend that you come and see what we do.

Martin Pace, Nursery Director

Reflections Day Nursery & Forest School

Reflections Day Nursery & Forest School in Worthing provides care and education for children aged 3 months to 8 years. The nursery draws inspiration from the pre-schools of Reggio Emilia in northern Italy, and children work with a number of Atelieristas (artists) and educators who support project work based on children’s interests. Reflections also draws influence from the forest nurseries of Denmark and has a strong emphasis on outdoor work, offering beach school and forest school experiences every day. Their independent Small School offers a Reggio-inspired, project-based learning approach for 5 to 8-year-olds.


The nursery’s innovative approach has previously won them the accolade of Nursery World’s ‘UK Nursery of the Year’ in 2009/10 (the only time they entered) and the nursery has been judged ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted at the last four inspections.  Twice a year Reflections offers Professional Development Days for visiting educators – for further information please visit their website.

0 - 8
Reflections Nursery and Forest School
Westerfields House & Tudor Court, 52 & 54 Richmond Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1PS

Reflections Day Nursery & Forest School

54 Richmond Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 1PS, UK

Children have genuine choices and a lot of scope for exploration and expression in an engaging, beautiful and very well cared for environment. The creative and aesthetic awareness applied out of doors results in innovative provision. Staff take children’s ideas seriously giving them plenty of time.”

Wendy Scott, Former Adviser to the Department for Education & Skills and judge of Nursery World's UK Nursery of the Year.