Beyond the Classroom
Beyond the classroom
Experiences Dukes is home to the UK's leading summer school and activity day camp providers.
Publications Essential reading for students applying to Oxford, Cambridge, or medical school.
University Applications Our curated collection of consultancies represent the best of Oxbridge, US, and Medicine application support.
Poetry Together A nationwide scheme that brings young people and old people together to share in the joy of learning poetry by heart.

Work with us

It’s people first at Dukes, starting with our pupils; encompassing our parents, and celebrating our staff. We look for people who put their heart into what they do, and then help them to lead.

Ultimately, great education is simple: quality teachers, spending quality time with students. We recognise that individuals in a family are not all the same. Each of our schools and organisations has its own, unique take on how to deliver outstanding teaching and learning. Each has its own brand, ethos, history, its own special place in the community. We love this and we want to keep it this way. But there is also commonality. At Dukes, we’re a family, our shared purpose and values form our common thread.

At Dukes, we are firm believers that nurturing closer relationships between people is the best way to help bring these learning experiences about and enable the education community to thrive. Dukes is more than a collection of excellent individuals. We are a community of people – educators, parents, and young learners – who connect in closer ways to raise the bar for all. Being part of Dukes means belonging to a family that is there for the long run. We strive together and we celebrate together. It’s a community for sharing and growth. And for those who share our purpose and our values, it’s a home, where extraordinary things can happen.

Dukes is extraordinary because of its people, people who are passionate about ensuring all our pupils experience an immersive and inspirational education whether they are Headteachers, Teachers, Bursars, Nursery Educators or Chefs.
Claire Little, Director of People

Current Vacancies in the Dukes Central Team

This section shows the vacancies for central Dukes positions. If you are interested in vacancies at our schools and organisations, please visit their websites directly.

Sales & Partnerships Lead - Beyond the Classroom

This is a unique opportunity to drive business growth for three globally renowned education consultancy brands.

Oxbrige Applications, A-List Education and The Career Portal are three successful consultancies forming part of the Beyond the Classroom (BTC) division of Dukes Education. Dukes Education is a family of schools and educators, brought together by a common purpose: to give children the foundations for an extraordinary life, through education.

Reporting to the Dukes Education Managing Director, the successful applicant will develop and execute sales strategies that increase the three consultancies’ presence across Schools globally. They will also develop partnerships with other key stakeholders in the arena, such as educational agencies and potential sponsorship partners.

The role’s main focus will be continuing to build the pipeline of school leads for the different services offered by BTC. You will work closely with the dedicated Sales lead at each brand to ensure a smooth transition from lead generation to sale conversion.


IT Manager - Cardiff Sixth Form College

Cardiff Sixth Form College is the leading academic school in the UK. It is highly regarded both within the UK and globally for the excellence of its academic provision and the exceptional university destinations of its students. Cardiff Sixth Form is part of the Dukes Education family. The school currently enrols 370 students from around the world (85% of whom are fully boarders).  The school employs approximately 120 teachers and support staff.


The IT Manager’s position is a key role in the future success of the school, as it continues to rely on a number of IT services to deliver educational excellence. The school is embarking on a programme to refresh the IT infrastructure and bring innovation and excellence of provision to maintain its outstanding performance.

The IT Manager will be responsible for the delivery of IT services and projects to the school. It is a 360-degree role that would suit an IT manager or senior engineer that is still very hands-on and enjoys providing technical support as well as managing projects, suppliers, contracts and procurement of IT services and systems, and is able to represent IT within the school senior management team, through the Bursar/Operations Manager.


A-List Education - Tutor Role

A-List Education (A-List) is part of the Dukes Education family of schools and education organisations based in the UK. A-List is the leading consultancy in the UK for students applying to US universities. Our team of expert tutors and advisors work directly with families and within schools across the UK.

We’re looking for dynamic people to tutor secondary school students for the UK and/or US curriculum. For the time being, lessons are being conducted online in accordance with government COVID regulations. Scheduling is flexible, with materials and lesson plans provided for you. Expect 30+ hours of paid training before you begin work. Rates range from £35 to £80+ per hour, depending on experience.


A-List Education - Full-time US University Advisor

A-List Education (A-List) is part of the Dukes Education family of schools and education organisations based in the UK. A-List is the leading consultancy in the UK for students applying to US universities. Our team of expert tutors and advisors work directly with families and within schools across the UK.

We’re looking for individuals to advise in-person on the US University application process with our secondary school students and private families. Scheduling is flexible, with materials provided for you. Expect paid training before you begin work. Rates range per hour depending on experience.

Behind every action at Dukes, we've got a singular purpose: to inspire and empower our children to live an extraordinary life. This purpose is the common thread that weaves through our family, alongside our four values, which determine how we do things. They help us to steer through the daily challenges inside and outside of the classroom, sticking to what really matters.



We lead with heart.

No-one knows their school better than the Principal or Head who runs it. And no-one cares more about it than they do. So we make sure they lead on every decision, preserving the individual character and ethos of their schools. We look for leaders who are still children at heart; people who love the fun — as well as the fundamentals — of the classroom. These are the people who shaped the direction of Dukes from the very beginning, and continue to shape it to this day. And we do our very best to look after these people, because we know they’re the most important asset we have.

We’re a team.

Individually we can achieve amazing things, but together we’re extraordinary. So, while each of our schools is independent, they’re strengthened by being part of a family that shares resources and expertise. The best teams are made up of autonomous indidividuals. Our management structure has no more than four levels from our board of directors to the most junior members of our team. This means everyone knows where they fit in the bigger picture — and they have the freedom and flexibility to act quickly, and make decisions for their school.

We do it well.

We know that if we want to inspire excellence in young learners, then we need to achieve excellence in everything we do. One way we accomplish this is by working closely with regulatory authorities and inspection bodies to ensure everyone in the Dukes family delivers the highest possible standards. Additionally, the members of the Dukes Education Advisory Board come together regularly to discuss recent and future developments across the group. Their expert support and guidance not only helps us meet best-practice standards, it encourages us to set newer, higher standards for all.



We love learning.

We believe education should be exciting at any stage, whether you’re starting school, or you’re running one. So we’re driven to instil our lifelong love of learning in our students — through teaching inside the classroom and, outside, through our initiatives. We also provide extensive staff training, leadership and management programmes, so our teachers can continue their education too.

Want to be part of something extraordinary?

As Sheryl Sandberg once wisely said, 'When you're offered a seat on a rocket ship, you don't ask, "Which seat?" - You just get on.'

We are always looking for extraordinary people to join our schools and support teams. Our current central team vacancies can be found above. If you are interested in joining any of our schools and organisations you can visit their websites or you can just send us you CV and we’ll see what fits.

Send us your CV

Why choose a career at Dukes?

  • Your Development: Our sector leading, accredited Leadership, Training and Development programmes are available for all functions whether teaching, finance or facilities. Your personal development is important to us.
  • Your Career: The Dukes Group gives you the opportunity to develop your career across a number of schools or colleges. We actively support secondments and movement across the Group wherever possible.
  • Your Well-Being: As a responsible employer, your work life balance, mental and physical well being are very important to us. We offer 24/7 counselling support to our employees and their families, the Ride to Work scheme, and support for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Supporting You and Your Family: Our reward programmes are competitive. For families this includes up to 50% discount for staff children at our schools. We want your family to access the outstanding education that you enable for others.
  • Cross-Group Collaboration: The Dukes Hub enables our educational and functional professionals to develop and share leading edge content across the Group with access to sector leading expertise and knowledge.

Little Dukes Training Academy

As a family of nurseries, schools and colleges, we want to provide an extraordinary education for every child in our care. This starts with the Early Years.

A child’s first years are absolutely critical; this precious period of time will have an extraordinary impact on the rest of their life. The foundations of a healthy, happy adult are laid in our nursery classrooms; their future – and our future – will be shaped by what we do today.


At Dukes Education we are committed to providing the very best training and development opportunities for our staff and new recruits in the Early Years sector. That’s why we have launched Little Dukes Training Academy, based at our premises in south-west London. We want to foster and encourage educators who will establish a golden standard of Early Years education, not just within the Dukes family but across the whole sector. Whether it’s training as a Montessori guide or an Early Years practitioner, the LDTA is our way of establishing excellence in Early Years.

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