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Dukes Plus Dukes Plus is a provider of university application support, life-changing career and university experiences, day camps, tuition, and summer schools.
University Applications Our curated collection of consultancies represent the best of Oxbridge, US, and Medicine application support.
Experiences Dukes is home to the UK's leading careers experiences, summer school and activity day camp providers.

Dukes Plus

Dukes Plus is a provider of university application support, life-changing career and university experiences, day camps, tuition, and summer schools.

We provide the opportunity to explore subjects, universities, and careers alongside bespoke university applications and admissions guidance to aid students throughout their education journey.

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Dukes Plus offers invaluable enrichment experiences which develop children and young adults socially, physically and cognitively, whether on a half-term day camp or following bespoke training prior to an Oxford or Princeton application.

Helping to prepare each student for an extraordinary life is at the heart of what we do.

Tim Fish - Managing Director, Dukes Plus

University Application Support

With over 25 years of experience preparing students to apply to the world’s top universities, we can get you there.

Whether you are applying to Oxbridge or Ivy League in the US, or you have your sights set on a career in Medicine, Law, or any other subject, we have dedicated teams of graduates ready to help you master your subject, smash your admissions tests, and breeze through the interview process.

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Educational experiences

Our immersive career experiences are delivered by InvestIN, a provider of life-changing career experiences since 2012.

We offer life-changing immersive career experiences for students aged 12-18.

Our teenagers get the unique opportunity to gain hands-on, practical industry experience alongside leading professionals, so that they can choose the right career for them and maximise their potential.

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Tutoring services

Our private tutoring approach and educational consultancy services consistently deliver excellent results. For example, this years cohort of JK students sitting the 11 plus exams have achieved an impressive 98% success rate.

Our proven approach consistently delivers excellent results for our students, whether for general school support or preparing for exams including 7+ and 11+ school entrance exams, GCSEs and A Levels. Our managed services include private tutoring in person or online, ongoing support and advice for families, and assessments of academic potential and achievement.

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Holiday activity camps

Our holiday activity camps are delivered by Ultimate Activity Camps, an Ofsted inspected provider of activity day camp childcare.

We offer Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ day camps for children aged 4-14 during academic breaks.

Emphasising fun, adventure and social enrichment, our programmes include sports, games, and arts, all facilitated by professional staff in premier venues.

At all times, the children’s welfare and fun are at the heart of all we.

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Not sure what to study or what university courses are available to you?

Get your University and Career Pathway report. Your free personalised report will include:

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  2. A list of reach, secure and safety universities based on your grades.
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The Dukes Plus Family

By consolidating the offerings of these distinguished brands under Dukes Plus, we’re able to deliver a comprehensive suite of industry-leading services that support students throughout their educational journey, fostering their growth and laying the foundation for a promising future.