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3 - 11 YEARS

Bassett House School

Welcome to Bassett House School. We are a leading co-ed prep school for boys and girls aged 3-11 in Notting Hill, West London, known for its nurturing and inclusive ethos.

I’ve yet to meet a child who isn’t naturally curious. Sometimes this instinct lies dormant, but it’s always there. Our job is to develop this curiosity so it becomes a lifelong love of learning.

We achieve this through a regime of creativity, encouragement, and reward; but first, we need to make sure every child feels safe, secure, and welcome. I would say Bassett House School’s outstanding characteristic is its warm and nurturing atmosphere.

I believe a teacher’s enthusiasm is infectious, and can safely say we’re not lacking in that department at Bassett. Through an enticing mix of lessons and activities, we inspire all our pupils to be inquisitive about the world and to recognise its endless possibilities.

I would like to invite you to visit Bassett House, where you can meet me and some of the teachers but, most importantly, see the children in action: their confidence and enthusiasm is something you need to experience for yourself.

Bassett House School

Bassett House School was founded in 1947 by Sylvia Rentoul. What began as a small school for only six pupils, over the years grew into a happy and vibrant community of around 200 children, across eight year groups.


Until this day, the school’s outstanding results repeatedly show that all children can excel, or “learn to fly”, regardless of early learning ability.


Great minds think for themselves; nurturing individuality is at the heart of our teaching. The staff believe tailor-made teaching opens up young minds to endless possibilities, and that a growth mindset approach encourages children to think creatively and form their own ideas.


The pupils mostly call it having fun.
We call it being the best they can be.


Children at Bassett House benefit from an excellent support system that enables them to grow their confidence and build lasting relationships.

The school has several systems in place that help students settle in, voice their problems, or encourage them to discover their interests and talents. The buddy system, the school’s different houses, and a weekly ‘communication stations’ are only some of the wonderful aspects of life at Bassett.


Music, Drama, and excursions add diversity to the school day.
Cricket at school
Students can take part in sports and other physical activities.
Bassett House is a co-educational school located in Notting Hill
3 - 11
3 - 11
Bassett House School
60 Bassett Road, North Kensington, London, W10 6JP

“The pastoral care is excellent too – there are off-timetable enrichment sessions, an in-house life coach and peace lilies (which, according to NASA, purify the air) placed in every classroom.”

Tatler Magazine, 2020