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3 - 11 YEARS

Orchard House School

Welcome to Orchard House.

I feel very privileged to be the new Headmaster of this wonderful school. Orchard House is one of west London’s leading prep schools with an excellent reputation, not just for outstanding academic results, but for nurturing the individual talents of each and every child.

Every parent wants to be sure their child is safe and happy at school. At Orchard House, we have small classes, dedicated teachers and an award-winning approach to pastoral care that means your child really does come first, always.

We are committed to co-education at Orchard House. Children learn together from the age of 3 to 11. Our excellent academic results see pupils heading to leading senior schools, both in London and beyond, and every year we achieve numerous awards in sport, music, art and drama, plus academic scholarships. It is a given that our pupils will move on to some of the best schools in the country but what matters to us is that they go to the right school for them. Children learn best when they are happy, we commit not only to putting all our energy into providing a happy, safe environment for your children to learn in, but we also ensure our pupils are prepared for the next stage, for the school where they will go on and flourish.

We are preparing our children for an unknown future and so, alongside the excellence of the teaching and learning, we are committed to inculcating in the children the values of kindness, honesty, tolerance, and respect. To learn to work not just for themselves but for other people. We instil in our pupils a love of learning where they appreciate the benefits of hard work, and we want to keep broadening our enrichment programme so that every child gets the opportunity to learn the skills to thrive in the future.

Above all, Orchard House is a community; a caring collective where pupils, parents and staff join together to provide the very best prep school experience, and where there’s lots of fun and laughter alongside the hard work. If we have learnt one thing in recent years, it is the value of community spirit; of working and playing together, supporting each other, looking out for our neighbour as well as ourselves.

We are at an exciting stage in Orchard House’s story so do come and visit us. I look forward to welcoming you to this very special school.

Orchard House School

Orchard House School was founded in 1993 with 65 pupils.


Today, there are approximately 300 pupils and 47 teaching staff, allowing each child a great deal of individual attention. It is very rare there are more than 20 pupils in any class, and in the early years there are three teaching adults in attendance. Small group and 1:1 sessions are commonplace.


Teachers take lunch with the children and the extensive extra-curricular activities allow teachers and pupils to interact in a more informal atmosphere.

Student in class smiling

Children blossom when they feel secure, happy and valued.

Each child has a Pupil Pastoral Plan where they can note any private worries so that teachers may monitor their happiness and well-being. Our buddy system helps newcomers through their early days, and we encourage older children to mentor younger pupils, instilling a sense of responsibility.

The school’s House system encourages teamwork and a competitive spirit, allowing children to celebrate their own success as well as the achievements of others.

Orchard House welcomes boys and girls to its vibrant community of creative thinkers.
3 - 11
3 - 11
Orchard House School
16 Newton Grove, Chiswick, London, W4 1LB

Orchard House School

16 Newton Grove, Chiswick, London, W4 1LB

“One pupil reports that Orchard House […] is truly ‘perfect’. Leavers head on to Hampton, Godolphin & Latymer and Kew House having enjoyed excellent teaching (staff wellbeing is taken very seriously – they have their own clubs including ultimate frisbee), sporting prowess – Year 6 swimmers reached the IAPS final this year – and clubs galore.”

Tatler Magazine, 2020