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2-18 YEARS

Eaton Square Schools

– A letter from the Principal

“I am delighted to have been given the opportunity of introducing you to Eaton Square School. Almost 40 years ago we opened our doors to our first class of boys and girls when we were situated in St. Peter’s Church, Eaton Square. Today we cover various sites in central London and have more than 600 students and yet the early vision for the school when it was founded remains as strong and true today as it always has been.

At Eaton Square we passionately believe that each and every child has the capacity to excel. All of the boys and girls are given the opportunity to flourish, be it in a single subject area or across the range of curriculum areas they are introduced to should they so wish. There are no barriers to the students being given the opportunity to do their very best within the warm, supportive and caring environment which encompasses the school…”

The concept of being able to join the school at two-and-a-half years old and to then flow through until GSCE and A-level is one which is not new but which is relatively rare in central London. This approach provides both parents and pupils with great stability and reassurance whilst allowing each individual to progress and develop at their own pace.

In 2018, Eaton Square became a part of the Dukes family and it is quite fitting that this union was made. The Dukes approach and philosophy is closely aligned to our own and the support which they have given, and continue to give, allows the school at all levels to grow and improve accordingly, whilst at no time affecting who we are.

Through Dukes, the last step of the educational journey will be made possible when in September 2020 we will open our doors once again to a new intake, but this time to those entering the sixth form. The sixth form will be housed in the same area as where the school began all of those years ago which has a sublime serendipity to it.

It has been an amazing journey for the school during the last 40 years and the future is no less exciting.”

Eaton Square Schools

Eaton Square Schools is a co-educational, all-through collection of schools in central London, educating children from the age of 2 to 18 years old.


Offering continuity of education during the important, formative years of a child’s life, the school is a vibrant, popular community where children learn not only the skills but also the values that will prepare them for the next stage of their life at senior school and beyond.


The education at Eaton Square has a traditional British foundation, but a modern and international outlook. Equal emphasis is placed on intellectual, artistic, aesthetic, physical, and musical pursuits. ln addition, teaching staff want children to learn moral and spiritual values that will make them happy and confident in themselves, without arrogance. The school celebrates the diverse skills and aptitudes of London pupils, and maximises the benefits of their learning from and interacting with each other.

Eaton Square has nurseries and schools for all ages.
2 - 18
55-57 Eccleston Square, London SW1V 1PH
106 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London, W1J 7NL

Eaton Square Schools

55-57 Eccleston Square, London SW1V 1PH

Eaton Square Schools

106 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 7NL, UK

“Older pupils display an enthusiastic interest in the world around them and have an infectious attitude to their learning. They strongly appreciate the support they receive, and relish the opportunities to explore and research when provided the opportunity.”

ISI Inspection Report, 2016
Little Dukes

Eaton Square Nursery Schools

Eaton Square Nursery schools offer a seamless co-educational learning environment from early years onwards. Read more about our nurseries under Little Dukes.