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IEP Group

IEP’s mission is that all students participate in a stimulating, rich and challenging curriculum that provides them with opportunities to reach their unique potential and through this new partnership with Dukes Education we will be even better equipped to make that mission a reality.

We started our adventure in Spain at the end of 2016, with the partial acquisition of 3 schools in the Valencian community; subsequently, IEP was founded in May 2018 with the objective of becoming a major provider within the Spanish private schools market. Despite the COVID pandemic, we have managed to grow to a group of 7 schools,  employing 450 teachers and educating 4,800 students from 1 to 18 years old. This partnership will enable us to begin the next phase of our development, still under the IEP name and IEP has the honour of being the first schools group in Spain to join the Dukes Education family.

IEP and Dukes have a common set of values, vision and purpose, and we are excited by the tremendous potential this agreement offers IEP staff and students as we benefit from Dukes world-class people, reputation and infrastructure. Students at IEP will benefit from Dukes international exchange and summer camp opportunities, as well as different sport competitions and other exciting and engaging extra-curricular activities. IEP students will also benefit from more world-class career coaching, internship and university counselling, and will be able to confidently apply to any university world-wide through the Dukes platforms.


IEP Group

International Education Partnership (IEP) is an educational group based in Spain. Following the partial acquisition of three schools in the Valencian community at the end of 2016, IEP was founded in May 2018 with the objective of becoming a major provider within the Spanish private schools market. IEP has grown to become a group employing 450 teachers and educating 4,800 students from 1 to 18 years old. IEP schools have developed an excellent reputation for high-quality, British, bilingual education with a strong focus on digitisation, innovation, social awareness and a holistic approach, and this will continue under the guidance of the Dukes Family.