Miss Daisy's Nursery

Miss Daisy’s is part of Dukes Education’s early years arm, providing nurturing care and inspiring education for our youngest learners. It is a family of nursery schools with four locations in London: Belgravia, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, and Little Owls in Brook Green. Miss Daisy’s joined Dukes Education in September 2018, with founder Daisy Harrison joining the Dukes Education team and continuing as governor.

About Miss Daisy’s Nursery

Miss Daisy’s and Little Owls nursery schools are well-known and loved among local parents for creating closely-knit communities, developing happy and confident children, and helping parents to send their children to some of London’s best preparatory schools.

Children from two to five join the two-year programme, spanning nursery and kindergarten. The curriculum offers a balance between formal learning and creative discovery in a stimulating and caring environment. Children learn at their own pace. Through positive encouragement, they are gently prepared to participate in the morning gatherings with the Headmistress, hang up their coats, learn how to line up, as well as the basics of Literacy, Mathematics, and the Arts. 

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