Little Dukes

Little Dukes is Dukes Education’s early years arm, providing the finest care and education in early years development. Our nurseries, based in London, Twickenham, and Cambridge, are warm, nurturing environments where children from the age of one are introduced to learning through play. In all our nurseries, the emphasis is on instilling a love of learning from day one and building confidence that will prepare children to thrive when they go onto their next stage of school.

Programmes are delivered through close contact with teachers, fostering the natural curiosity of young learners and to support development of social skills. These first experiences of learning lay the foundations for a happy childhood and fulfilling life, gently easing children into a more structured day. 

An all-through education in London.

Little Dukes launched in September 2018, enabling Dukes Education to provide families with an all-through educational journey, from a child’s early years education, through prep and senior school, all the way to achieving a place at top universities with the support of our university application consultancies.