Fine Arts College (ages 13-18)

Fine Arts College in Hampstead, north London, has become known for its award-winning provision in the fine, visual, and performing Arts. It began life in 1978, when Candida Cave, now Principal, taught a handful of students the practical and academic arts.

Over the last forty years, the school has built a loyal following among local parents and alumni, expanding to more than 200 students from age 13+.

About Fine Arts College

The school is located in a charming part of Belsize Park, with the main site situated in a secluded courtyard, originally a Victorian dairy, away from the bustle of the street.

The spirit of creativity and close, personal teaching remain hallmarks of the school’s atmosphere. Teaching staff are committed to helping students identify their own unique way of contributing something special to the wider world. Most students join the college because they are seeking a school that will allow them freedom of expression and remove some of the restrictions of traditional independent alternatives. Students wear no uniform, and are taught primarily in round-table formats, reminiscent of university seminars rather than traditional classrooms. Despite this, there are high expectations for behaviour and performance. The Good Schools Guide quotes a parent who summarises it well, “What we like about the college… is the industrious informality. They take the job seriously, but don’t wear it too formally.”

Virtually all students leaving the senior school go on to higher education at a range of universities and Art, Music, and Drama schools. Last year, students were successful in gaining places at the University of Oxford, King’s College London, Central St. Martin’s, and Edinburgh, to name a few. 

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