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InvestIN young engineers
InvestIN young engineers

InvestIN joins the Dukes family

The immersive career-experience provider will further enhance Dukes ‘cradle to career’ education model

We are pleased to announce that InvestIN has joined the Dukes Education family. Co-founders Hitesh Chowdhry and Shameer Thobhani will continue to lead the company with the backing, support and benefits that come with being part of Dukes.

Entrepreneurs, Thobhani and Chowdhry founded InvestIN in 2012. Their mission was to empower students aged 12-18 to choose the right career and maximise their potential by providing them with an immersive experience of their dream career, through hands-on simulations delivered by world-class professionals. InvestIN provides a range of top-quality immersive experiences for aspiring doctors, medics, lawyers, vets, engineers and more.

The company has grown fast; it now employs more than 50 UK-based staff, offering programmes to students across the UK and in the USA, Middle East and Asia. More than 50,000 students from over 100 countries have attended its career taster programmes in the past 10 years.

InvestIN joins the Dukes family

InvestIN Co-Founders, Shameer Thobhani and Hitesh Chowdhry, said:

“We are delighted to lead InvestIN’s next chapter as part of the Dukes family. We have found a common set of values, vision and purpose with Dukes and are excited by the tremendous potential for InvestIN to grow with the benefit of their world-class people, reputation and infrastructure.’”

Each of our schools and organisations is different and brilliant in its own way. We love this about them and encourage this independence. But we're also a team. We come together to learn from each other and get better at what we do.
Aatif Hassan, Founder, Dukes Education

Aatif Hassan, Chairman and Founder of Dukes Education, said:

I am very happy to welcome InvestIN to Dukes Education.  Dukes and InvestIN are a good fit; at their core, both organisations are about giving young people the education, opportunity and experience to thrive. InvestIN will go far to enhance our ‘cradle to career’ education model and provide our students with amazing opportunities and support as they enter the world of work.  I am very excited about the possibilities of what we can do together. It is not often that you encounter a company that has the energy, dynamism and meteoric success that InvestIN has. I am really looking forward to working with everyone at InvestIN on this exciting new chapter for the business.”