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Charlotte Crookes, Head, The Pointer School

Charlotte joined The Pointer School in 2011 as a newly qualified teacher, and has been at the school ever since! Charlotte has held a variety of leadership roles in the school, from SENCO to EYFS Coordinator, and was Deputy Head for 6 years, before becoming Head in April 2022.
Charlotte has a degree in English and a PGCE in Primary Education from the University of Cambridge. She holds a Masters in Education from the University of Birmingham with a specialism in Special Educational Needs and pupil voice, and is passionate about inclusion within the independent sector. Having taught in the Early Years for many years, Charlotte has a keen interest in all things EYFS, and can often be found in the quiet corner reading a story to the Nursery pupils. As you might expect from a teacher with a degree in English, Charlotte loves reading and learning new things, and cares deeply about fostering this love of learning in every Pointers pupil.