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Esther Fernández, Head, Colegios IEP – JOYFE

Perhaps influenced by her environment growing up, Esther has been passionate about the world of business since she was a child. Because of this, she went on to graduate in Economics and Business Studies. She complemented her academic training with a Master’s degree in Taxation, another of her passions, and later, due to work circumstances, she also studied a Master’s degree in real estate management. 

The year 2000 marked a personal and professional change in Esther’s life: she became a mother for the first time and started working in the education sector. The upbringing of her three children and her professional development in education made her aware of the important role that educators have in society, and of all that parents can learn from these great teachers.

Starting at the school and initially being more involved in the economic and management aspects, Esther immediately became interested in the academic process. Being responsible for the school’s level of quality has allowed her to get to know the dynamics of the classroom in greater detail. Esther is passionate about accompanying and leading processes of improvement and innovation, always with a focus on the students and families.

She feels very fortunate at JOYFE to be able to develop her professional interests and to learn every day, surrounded by great people who are committed and enthusiastic about teaching.  

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