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Michael Hodge, Head, Prospect House School

Born in South Africa, Michael Hodge has a bachelor’s degree in primary education from Rhodes University.  In 1997, he moved to the UK and taught in state schools for eight years before deciding to move into the independent sector. He was appointed Headmaster of Prospect House School in 2017.

Michael’s philosophy on education is very simple: if a child is happy, everything else will fall into place. Under his leadership, Prospect House helps children to flourish by building their confidence, opening up their willingness to learn, and providing them with a wide range of stimulating experiences. Michael and the staff appreciate and respect children’s individual characters, interests and talents, an empathy that helps them to guide each child on his or her unique learning journey.

A dab hand at DIY (so he likes to believe), in his very limited spare time Michael additionally enjoys cooking, eating good food, and travelling the world with his wife. He also likes to keep fit, so is often in the gym before work or ‘smashing out’ a session on his Peloton bike at home.

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